To use the pan/tilt camera you will need to install the NDI tools below or go to https://www.ndi.tv/tools/. This app (NDI Virtual Input.exe) will create a virtual webcam on your computer. This will allow you to use whatever video conferencing you like.

Remember that the video input source is “HALLPT” then “CAM”. See the photo below. Also the please select your computer’s audio as our camera does not have a microphone. refer to your conference software for instructions on how to change your microphone source.   

If you select the correct video input and all you see is a black screen or need help, please email us at admin@hollywoodfljaycees.com and give us your name and phone number so someone can call and help. 

NDI Tools for Windows

How to install on Windows

How to install on Mac

This is the camera you need to select in the Virtual Input application.

Controlling the Pan and Tilt

To control the Pan and Tilt of the camera you will use NDI Studio Monitor application. just open up NDI Studio Monitor and connect to the camera in the same way you connected to the Virtual Input. the video input source is “HALLPT” then “CAM”. See video below